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The death of multilateralism. Disruptions of the Trump era

On May 14, 2021, Asia Power Watch Founder & Chief Editor Nicolas Michelon discussed with Dr. John Bruni of SAGE International Australia the end of multilateralism as we knew it and how the rise of a new “plurilateral” paradigm allows for hegemonic powers to assert their economic influence.

During the 1990s, multilateralism was hailed as being the most critical framework for increasing trade and economic growth, and through this, reduce international tensions. Today, however, with the ongoing Sino-American tensions, the utility of multilateralism as it was conceived during the ’90s has lost its colour. In this STRATEGIKON podcast, Mr Michelon talks about competing trade agreements and other economic ensembles such as RCEP, RSCI, CPTPP, the NAFTA reboot and even the QUAD’s recent forays into economic and technological themes. He also discusses conflicting economic influence in Latin America as well as the need for Europe to reinvent itself and assert its own influence, as the new world order is in dire need for a new collaborative model on the part of “middle powers“.

Listen to the podcast here:

Picture credits: SAGE International Australia

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