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European Union-China-US – the Golden Triangle?

On October 31st, 2023, Nicolas Michelon, Founder & Editor of Asia Power Watch and Partner at Confluence Consultants, was interviewed by Prof. Sarwar Kashmeri, Fellow at the Foreign Policy Association – Norwich University and Host of Polaris-Live, to address the current state of economic hegemony and the rise of the “Global South”.

The European Union together with the United States and China used to be the triangular commercial and political poles of the world. The entry of Argentina, Egypt, Ethiopia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates to the BRICS nations and emergence of the Global South as a block now poses a formidable challenge to the the old triangular arrangement.

But the original triangular arrangement itself is beginning to transition. Will China peak economically? Perhaps, but it has emerged as the leader of the Global South which represents the bulk of the world’s population and is now jockeying increasingly under China’s leadership– as the Ukraine-Russia war demonstrates.

Are business and political strategy assumptions from just a year ago not obsolete? Will the world ever revert to a bi-polar power order?

Listen to the discussion here:

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