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Geopolitical risks and their repercussions on the economy

Nicolas Michelon, Founder of Asia Power Watch and CEO of Asia Intelligence Advisory, was honoured to discuss with Feyza Gümüşlüoğlu on EKOTÜRK in Istanbul about the new face of world geopolitics, how the new geoeconomics confrontations are weaponising corporate interests to wage economic warfare, and the urgent need for corporates to adopt a new strategic reading grid.

We also discussed Europe’s confused stance on the China-US tech war and trade war, the prospects of a 2nd Trump administration and its impact on US-China relations, as well as the particularly favourable environment for middle powers such as Türkiye who are able to capitalise on strategic realignments to reaffirm their economic influence in the Global South.

Thank you again to Feyza Gümüşlüoğlu for the fantastic discussion, and to Esra P. Albayrakoglu, PhD hoca of Bahcesehir University for making this interview possible.

Interview in English with Turkish subtitles here:

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