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Modi’s “Make in India” wins landslide victory

Montesquieu’s notion of “sweet commerce” is getting shot… in the leg.

The old globalization paradigm is being shaken to its foundations, with the “conservative wave” witnessed throughout the American continent (with the notable exception of Mexico, which went the other way on that one) and in some parts of Asia questionning the very idea of open borders. And wait until after the European elections…

Seems that much of the World has stopped marvelling at Voltaire’s “friendly collaboration of the Jew, the Mahometan and the Christian” on the floor of the London stock exchange. The time is now for nations demanding reciprocity and protecting strategic assets.

Modi is doing just that with his “Make in India” plan, Xi JinPing’s “Made in China 2025” & “Belt & Road Initiative” are no different, and many Latin American countries are trying to force a reset in their China relations.

Picture credits: Reuters

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