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Ghosn denounces manipulation, worries about Nissan’s future

Ghosn’s last message before heading back to jail, in lieu of his planned April 11 press conference. Nothing ground-breaking, but he confirms the widely-accepted angle of a plot to derail a deeper integration of Nissan … Not much however regarding the deeper tectonic forces at play, the only forces able to muster the full power of Japan’s judiciary.

Which also questions the validity of Ghosn’s legal strategy: what is there to hope by taking on Japan’s entire justice system ? Judges, prosecutors and lawyers share the same background (and often the same schools). His own lawyers are ex-prosecutors, some of them from the very Special Investigation Division causing him nightmares. Having (or letting) his lawyers openly call out against an « hostage justice » and petition the High Court against further « torture » of their client may just solidify opposition. In Japan, nothing good comes out of accusing the system…

Picture credits: Nikkei Asian Review

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