European Union strategy towards China. End of year update…

On November 10, 2020, at the invitation of Prof. Sarwar Kashmeri of Norwich University and Foreign Policy Association, Asia Power Watch editor Nicolas Michelon gave an update and discussed EU’s China Strategy. Should the EU try to coordinate its China strategy with the US with the impending change in presidents from Republican Trump to Democrat Biden? Are China’s direct dealings with Eastern and Central European countries a threat to the EU’s cohesion?

Also discussed were China’s “digital yuan” project as a challenger to the US Dollar supremacy, as well as Belt and Road Initiative progress in Europe.

The discussion can be watched on Prof. Kashmeri’s Polaris Live programme, and here:

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Nicolas Michelon

Nicolas is the Editor of Asia Power Watch. A 20-year veteran of Asia-Pacific business, finance & economics research, he is the Founder & Managing Director of Asia Intelligence Advisory, an economic & strategic intelligence consulting firm. He is also a guest lecturer in geoeconomics and business intelligence for APAC markets, and a speaker in various conferences, workshops and webinars.

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